Hot Tubs, Accessories and Chemicals

Positive Hot Tub and Outdoor sells, delivers, and services American Made
Nordic Hot Tubs and PDC Spas. We also service all makes and models.

We also offer hot tub chemicals, filters, and accessories from Leisure Time, Natural Chemistry, Frog Products, and other top brands. 

PDC Spas

 Made from start to finish in USA, rest assured all PDC products will deliver a lifetime of reliable performance, relaxation and the wellness that you deserve.

Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs Offer offer 5 different hot tub series, each consisting of different features. You can choose from the Luxury, Sport, Modern, Classic, or All-In-110V series. From whirlpool therapy jets to the “Plug-N-Play” features of the All-In-110V series, we have options for you and your family to choose from.